Transform Legacy Technologies and Capabilities with EY and mLogica

Unlock the full potential of digital transformation with EY and mLogica. Experience unparalleled tech consultancy, IT modernization and time- and cost-efficient cloud migration services that empower business agility and innovation.

An alliance that drives digital transformation

EY is at the forefront of IT modernization, with a mission to build a better working world by facilitating user-centric, agile and data-driven capabilities for their clients. By joining forces with mLogica to drive foundational technology transformation, we empower organizations to adapt and compete.

Tech Consultancy Redefined

The combination of EY's broad global industry knowledge and mLogica’s automated, GenAI-powered modernization solutions offers clients a host of mission-critical business optimization options.

Advancing Technology Together: Our collaboration doesn't just keep pace with change, we proactively drive innovation. The EY and mLogica partnership is dedicated to delivering advanced modernization solutions for current and future business challenges.

mLogica Modernization Technologies Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Modernize Your Legacy Environments

Free your business from legacy systems, harness cutting-edge cloud native technologies and achieve substantial cost savings. mLogica’s automated, ML- and GenAI-driven LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite and STAR*M Distributed Database Modernization solutions pave the way for a more efficient future.

Contact our modernization team directly at Modernize-Now@mLogica.com