Deloitte and mLogica: Build the Future of Your Business

Transition into a new era of enterprise modernization with Deloitte and mLogica. Revolutionize how your business operates in today's fast-moving technological landscape with our custom-designed IT solutions, including cloud migration and advanced analytics.

What does this partnership mean?

Deloitte helps your enterprise build the future by melding deep business acumen and innovative technology. mLogica drives digital transformation with our unmatched, GenAI-driven modernization solutions. Together, it’s an alliance that offers modernization strategies to meet today's challenges and prepare you for tomorrow's opportunities.

mLogica Technology Sets the Standard

Mainframe and Distributed Workload Modernization: Free your business from outdated systems, leverage leading-edge cloud native technologies and save millions on infrastructure and licensing costs with mLogica’s automated, ML- and GenAI-powered LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite and STAR*M Distributed Database Modernization solutions.

Technology that paves the way for a more efficient, innovative future

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