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mLogica can help you custom-design the right cloud strategy for your business, build your cloud architecture with maximum efficiency, and manage your evolving cloud ecosystem while your core IT staff concentrates on daily business.


Nearly twenty years of cloud migration experience


Preferred partner of major cloud providers


Ad hoc and managed cloud services

The Challenge: Migrating to the Cloud the Right Way

In today’s 24/7 business world, cloud modernization is no longer optional. The cloud offers superior performance, efficiency and security over on-premise tech, and drives the modern hybrid workforce. To compete in the current business landscape, you must move as much of your infrastructure and operations to the cloud as possible.

Yet for many organizations migrating to the cloud is easier said than done. Cloud technology can be challenging to design, deploy and maintain. Unfortunately, despite heavy investment in their cloud migrations, many organizations:

  • Fail to clearly define their goals and needs and instead onboard cloud tools ad-hoc, leading to a fragmented ecosystem
  • Inadvertently increase their business risks and the complexity, inefficiency and overhead of managing their tech stack
  • Struggle to capture the full benefits of their digital transformation, ultimately blocking the innovation they hoped to enable

The Solution: mLogica’s End-to-End Cloud Services

Thankfully, you don’t need to migrate to the cloud alone. For nearly twenty years mLogica has supported leading global organizations through their cloud migrations with a complete portfolio of services that ensure you deploy the right strategy and infrastructure for your organization’s unique requirements.

When you partner with mLogica for your cloud needs, you will:

  • Define a cloud migration strategy and roadmap that meets your precise objectives and improves your total IT efficiency and performance
  • Deploy secure, fully-compliant cloud infrastructure that streamlines and scales your core operations and processes
  • Increase innovation in every corner of your business while following a holistic approach to your digital transformation

A Holistic, Custom Approach to the Cloud

At mLogica, we don’t deliver cookie-cutter cloud implementations. Instead, our experienced architects will comprehensively assess your complete business ecosystem, then design an integrated cloud strategy and architecture that best meets your organization’s current requirements and future technology goals.

We build optimized cloud strategies that consider all technologies and domains, and work with you to select the right delivery model for your organization, including:

Public Cloud

A model in which your cloud services and infrastructure are hosted, managed and delivered remotely by third-party providers, securely sharing resources with other organizations to reduce costs.

Private Cloud

An option that lets you leverage your own dedicated cloud services, infrastructure and resources, either through a third party or through services built and hosted within your own data centers.

Hybrid Cloud

A model that combines public and private cloud services, infrastructure and resources in one integrated solution, allowing you to use an array of delivery options as needed.

Our Portfolio: A Flexible, Comprehensive Suite of Cloud Services

We offer flexible, modular cloud services that can help you through a single project or objective in your cloud migration—or we can provide end-to-end support service throughout an engagement. Our core services include:

Cloud Assessment

An in-depth analysis to identify the cloud strategy and architecture that will meet your organization’s unique needs. This includes a comprehensive assessment of your business requirements, current environment and dependencies, target environment, risks, data governance and security needs and more.

Cloud Strategy Development

Working with your business and IT teams, we help evaluate your cloud options and assess your current readiness to migrate. We then develop a customized strategy, roadmap and implementation plan that fits your business needs and timeline.

Cloud Migration

Moving your core systems, processes, and infrastructure to the cloud, including migrating workflows, refactoring your databases and applications for peak performance on modern cloud platforms, pilot migration and production system roll-out.

Cloud Support

A wide range of support services to maintain the efficiency, performance and security of your cloud architecture. mLogica cloud support services follow strict SLAs, and include but are not limited to issue prioritization and remediation, proactive analysis and case reporting.

Partnering with Leading Cloud Providers

Whichever cloud platform you select, mLogica can help. We have experience and in-depth expertise in all major cloud platforms, and strategic alliances with the leading global providers, including:

Our Managed Services Let You Enjoy Worry-Free Cloud Deployment

At mLogica, we can deploy full teams of in-house experts on demand to handle your cloud ecosystem. Through our managed services, you can:


Manage the bulk of your cloud ecosystem in-house, and use our experts to manage any elements that you lack the bandwidth or staff to administer


Have our experts manage every workflow involved designing, implementing and maintaining your cloud systems, freeing in-house staff to focus on daily business operations.

Who We Help: Cloud Services for Public and Private Sector

We offer cloud strategy, integration, migration and support services for both enterprise and public sector organizations, including government cloud solutions.

Enterprise Cloud Services

Leverage the cloud to innovate, improve performance and scale up and down according to changing business needs, for dramatic cost savings.

Public Sector Services

Deploy cloud solutions that deliver critical services to clients, staff and stakeholders while leveraging leading-edge security and innovation.

As a provider of an internet of things (IoT) and energy platform, Energos works closely with mLogica for their strong technical support on cloud migrations and AWS expertise. Their experts are with us every step of the way as we consider options for modernization of our cloud infrastructure.

Rajesh Solanki

Founder and CEO, Energos

Bring Our Cloud Services to Your Organization

Take the next step with mLogica. Click to schedule a consultation with one of our cloud service experts.

We’ll discuss your needs and future goals, including:

  • Your existing business requirements
  • Your organization’s current cloud-readiness
  • What an optimal cloud strategy might look like for you today and in the future
  • How mLogica can custom-design an optimized cloud strategy for your organization