Global Technical Systems


Leveraging GenAI-enabled Massive Data Technologies and High-Performance Computing

By leveraging GTS’ advanced high-performance computing (HPC) and mLogica’s GenAI-enabled CAP*M Complex Events Analytics Platform big data solution, organizations can now dramatically enhance their capabilities and effectiveness in driving fast, actionable intelligence to the field.

mLogica and GTS Launch an Advanced Innovation Lab to Demonstrate Leading-Edge Hardware and Software Technologies

In our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab, customers can explore ultra-high-performance solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in hardware and software. From blazing-fast high-performance servers and edge devices to innovative hyperscale big data software, this lab serves as a showcase for the future of technology.


GTS supplies trusted computers (servers/micro-servers) to military and other critical infrastructures to facilitate a more trusted, capable, cybersecurity-hardened, robust and resilient digital infrastructure, enabling information and decision dominance. GTS’ HPC Eagle-X servers are powerful computing and parallel processing systems purpose-built to solve complex computational problems and process large amounts of data at high speeds. mLogica’s GenAI-powered CAP*M Complex Events Analytics Platform (CAP*M CEA) provides big data ingestion and analytics to support ultra-high-speed, multiple petabyte-scale complex event and enriched information processing, driving actionable analysis in near-real-time. Supporting even the largest, most data-intensive environments with daily ingestion rates scaling to tens of petabytes and beyond, CAP*M CEA processes complex queries of trillions of records in just seconds to provide actionable intelligence on demand.

Utilizing our complex event analytics processing foundation, we transform petabyte scale data from multiple sources and deliver it in a range of intuitive, actionable formats

Get ultra-high-speed data loading and near real-time analytics in one hyperscale big data platform

The amount of data generated worldwide has exploded by almost 600% in just the past few years. It's an incredible asset that gives you unmatched granular insights into your customers, competition and the wide range of factors that influence your business minute by minute—but only if you can capture this data effectively and leverage it strategically.