Oil and Gas Multinational - Oracle RMAN Integration with ArcServe Backup/Recovery Software

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Industry: Oil and Gas

Headquarters: TX, USA

Coverage: Global

The Challenge:

The Customer, one of the world’s largest oil field service companies, needed to integrate their Recovery Manager (RMAN), an Oracle-based data backup and recovery manager, with ArcServ Backup/Recovery software. The aim was to achieve high availability and disaster recovery as part of a database backing-up and recovering process.

The Solution:

The Customer engaged mLogica to perform RMAN Integration with ArcServe Backup/Recovery Software. Our team first divided the task into five phases:

  • Phase One: Our team worked with the Customer’s database team to complete the discovery of the current database environment, including data size, applications, and archived logs.
  • Phase Two: The mLogica team came up with a plan that helped them seamlessly integrate the RMAN with ArcServ Backup/Recovery Software. Our solution was based on the inferences made from analysis of Customer’s database environment that included factors such as nature of data, applications, and archived logs that were present in the Customer’s database environment.
  • Phase Three: mLogica executed the RMAN Integration with ArcServ Software following the required Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Phase Four: mLogica development conducted comprehensive testing to ensure that RMAN was fully integrated with ArcServ Software and there are no issues that could interrupt the interoperability between the two applications.
  • Phase Five: In the final phase, in order to facilitate a full knowledge transfer, we documented each of the tasks performed in different phases and handed it over to the Customer in the form of a Technical Operations Manual (TOM), which is an in-depth run-book.


With mLogica’s technical support, the Customer was able to successfully integrate their RMAN application with ArcServe software which added a strong layer of protection in their database environment. Our services helped the Customer establish a fail-safe data backup and recovery procedure and gave them more control over their data security. Ultimately, it allowed our Customer to make their database environment more secure and reliable.

The TOM served to standardize procedures for the handling and execution of the database backing up and recovering process. The knowledge transfer meant that, if our Customer wanted to perform the administrative, management, or maintenance tasks on their RMAN and ArcServ-powered database management system, they would use the TOM to achieve the desired outcome.