North American Logistics and Transportation Company - Database Managed Services SAP/Sybase Environment

Industry: Logistics

Headquarters: USA

Coverage: North America

The Challenge

The Customer’s legacy Sybase systems crashed over a weekend; their business ground to a halt and they were, in effect, out of business. They needed mLogica’s help with the triage and troubleshooting of their downed system and bringing it back online as quickly as possible; the mLogica technical team worked non-stop for 48 hours to bring the servers up.

The reputational and financial damage to the business caused by this disruption prompted the Customer to engage mLogica to provide ongoing performance optimization and management of their legacy database and systems environments; including Sybase ASE, Replication Server, EA Server, and AIX Systems.

The Solution

mLogica established a dedicated 24*7*365 monitoring team, designated to handle all support issues arising on the Customer’s Sybase databases, Replication Server, and EA Servers, working closely with the in-house technical team to pre-emptively and proactively lead efforts on DB administration, troubleshooting and issue resolution, SQL programming, performance and tuning, etc.

An exceptional escalation process was also set up to speedily resolve issues beyond the DBA level. To identify and mitigate operational disruption problems, a series of issue prioritization levels were benchmarked according to severity.

For the Customer’s AIX system, while the technical monitoring team would be responsible for round-the-clock technical support and monitoring, mLogica’s team of system engineers were also made available on an ‘on-call’ basis.

The Benefits

  1. mLogica’s triage team brought the Customer’s business systems back online within 24 hours
  2. The Customer was very pleased with the retention of mLogica’s technical support team, products, management and monitoring systems and its overall results
  3. mLogica’s team identified a number of performance issues, as part of the 24*7*365 monitoring of the system, and recommended system fixes and product upgrades, thereby, improving performance and efficiencies, and lowering maintenance costs
  4. With mLogica handling day to day management of their technology environments, the Customer’s technical team were now free to work on innovating and improving, rather than troubleshooting