Multinational Financial Services Company – IBM Db2 to Oracle Database and FIS Application Migration

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: USA

Coverage: North America

The Challenge

One of the top twenty-five U.S. financial holding companies in North America, the Customer offers business and retail banking as well as wealth management services. The Customer was experiencing issues stemming from a legacy IBM AS/400 Db2 database environment running Fidelity Information Systems (FIS), and had migrated hardware from IBM PureScale 9.8 to Oracle. However, they needed expert help to securely migrate their database from Db2 to Oracle.

Due to the inherent sensitivity of migrating confidential client financial information, the Customer needed a team of reliable migration experts to securely move this mission-critical data from its legacy platform to the target platform with minimal disruption to its business activity. While there are immediate business hazards to a poorly-executed migration of this type, any data compromise could also result in catastrophic, long-lasting reputational damage to the Customer.

To preemptively address these challenges, the Customer selected mLogica due to our record of delivering accurate, timely and secure migrations of complex, mission-critical database environments.

The Solution

mLogica deployed expert resources, equipped with our proprietary STAR*M software suite, to plan and execute this data migration. First, our team of migration architects conducted an analysis of the Customer’s current database environment, which included several database services for production, as well as the following lower environments:

  • Seven database servers
  • Two production servers
  • Two development databases
  • Two quality assurance (QA) databases
  • One QA release/UAT database

Once mLogica’s experts had a comprehensive understanding of the existing database environment, the team drilled down into the Customer’s data attributes, including the data objects, structures, sets and types. Our team then verified the database objects and structures of Oracle, as well as installation and configuration details, to ensure the data migration process went smoothly and was completed without interruption. Other upstream and downstream applications, including FIS, were also analyzed.

Once the entire database was moved from IBM Db2 PureScale 9.8 to Oracle, quality assurance (QA) testing procedures were performed to confirm the data was properly stored for real-time access. Following Oracle standard processes and best practices, the team verified successful data migration by comparing and verifying source data with the target platform.

The Benefits

This engagement required in-depth knowledge and experience of data migrations, and the mLogica team’s role as a trusted migration partner was pivotal for this successful implementation. Through comprehensive understanding of the Customer’s various data objects, sets and structures, mLogica was able to safely migrate their database from the IBM Db2 PureScale 9.8 to Oracle, delivering seamless business operations and ensuring the Customer’s reputation for security and data integrity remained spotless.


When conducting a highly complex transfer of sensitive, business-critical data, there is no substitute for security, expertise and experience. The mLogica team of migration architects offers deep knowledge of the banking and financial industry, both in successfully migrating large quantities of confidential customer data, and in securely migrating from IBM Db2 to Oracle environments. As a result, we were able to perform this migration project efficiently, on-schedule and with minimal disruption to vital business operations.