Major Online Retailer - Microsoft SQL Server on Public Cloud Implementation

Industry: Online Retail

Headquarters: New York

Coverage: US and Canada

The Challenge

The Customer, one of the leading online retailers in North America, required mLogica’s assistance to identify and then implement the end-state architecture of their newly acquired Microsoft SQL Server database on their public cloud platform. This would allow them to understand, and fully utilize, the SQL Server’s advanced features such as high-availability, failover clustering, in-memory performance, advanced security, and in-database analytics.

The Solution

mLogica put an emphasis on providing the Customer with education and technical expertise. With this in mind, robust knowledge transfer and training was made an integral part of the implementation process to ensure the customer’s technical team were fully supported in their new environment.

At the start, mLogica presented an Implementation Plan that laid out a detailed analysis of the cloud and SQL Server database environments, based on end-state architecture requirements and the Customer’s business objectives. The implementation strategy took into account total requirements and scope, assumptions and exclusions, as well as risks and critical success factors.

Based on the Customer’s acceptance of the plan, mLogica moved into the implementation stage of the project. The development team assigned to the Customer consisted of a mLogica SQL Server Architect, a lead and secondary developer, liaising with the Customer’s project team. The mLogica team set up a target environment for the cloud platform, testing and confirming access and connectivity for applications, deploying the SQL database to the container, and conducting initial performance tests and tuning of the newly installed SQL Server instance.

A separate team from the Customer’s side performed all application-related tasks, including application linking, compilation, integration and testing.

After deployment, mLogica provided post cutover support, additional performance and tuning, and continued assistance to the development team. Documentation of the environment was provided in the shape of a Technical Operational Manual (run book).

The Benefits

The comprehensive analysis and assessment presented by mLogica, the detailed breakdown of the cloud platform and SQL Server database environments, and the step-by-step involvement of the Customer’s support team in the implementation process, went a long way in providing the Customer with confidence in the continued and successful operation of their new database and applications.