Leading National eCommerce Company - Legacy Commercial DB to Aurora PostgreSQL Database Migration on AWS Cloud

Sector: Software Technology

Headquarters: Texas

Coverage: USA

The Problem

The Customer is a leading software company that offers cloud-based commerce platform solutions and services for retailers, manufacturers, and brands. Looking to expand their growing internal infrastructure, the Customer sought to migrate their applications running on legacy commercial databases environment onto Aurora PostgreSQL, within an AWS cloud environment. This migration strategy was to take advantage of AWS’s proven architecture, reliability, data integrity, robust feature set and considerable extensibility. The Customer was directed to mLogica to handle the actual migration utilizing mLogica‘s Automated Migration Studio (STAR*M) solution. And given mLogica’s expertise in the intricacies of the legacy databases and Aurora Postgres database configuration parameters, the team was also tasked with assisting in the conversion of the Customer’s DDLs and DB packages including stored procedures, triggers, functions, UDFs, UDDs and special data types.

The Solution

The mLogica team began with a detailed analysis of the source and target environments and its relative relationship within the overall migration process. The team analyzed the automated convertibility ratio of the DDLs and DB packages including stored procedures, triggers, functions, UDFs, UDDs and special data types. that comprised the Customer’s current database environment, given the differences between the legacy database and Postgres.

Based on mLogica’s migration assessment analysis, the team moved to the porting of the database and translation of the database objects, verifying and fixing conversion issues and then moved to unit testing of the migrated objects, ending in the performance and tuning of the converted SQL. Progressing with the overall migration based on assessment input, the mLogica team then proceeded in reinforcing STAR*M, with its machine learning capabilities, to learn from the primary and the secondary migration runs, along with further testing and performance tuning as part of migration hardening and integration process.

The Benefits

As a result of their database running on Aurora Postgres and the AWS cloud environment, the Customer is experiencing a vastly more responsive, robust, scalable, secure and extensible platform. This new infrastructure will enable the Customer to have immense flexibility in adding more built-out custom applications and functions, all with total data integrity and security.