Global Telco - IBM Db2 to Oracle 12c Migration

Industry: Telecommunication Services

Headquarters: Asia

Coverage: Global

The Challenge

The Customer is one of the world’s largest telecommunication service providers that delivers fixed line, broadband, DTH, voice, data connectivity, cloud and digital solutions, as well as, enterprise services. Their legacy Db2 database platforms and associated applications had scalability and availability limitations that resulted in serious performance challenges impacting their business growth prospects. In addition, maintenance and upgrade costs on Db2 were continuing to rise amid decreasing technical support. The Customer turned to mLogica for a workable solution that would cause minimum operational and business disruptions.

mLogica’s proposed solution was to migrate to a modern, high-availability and scalable Oracle 12c database platform, and layout the case for a risk-minimized migration that would convert all Db2 databases, and remediate existing applications to work and run seamlessly over to the Oracle environment.

The Solution

To ensure a successful knowledge transfer, mLogica’s migration specialists completed a 3-day, on-site workshop, in which they laid out an end-to-end roadmap of the entire migration and integration process. This included full details of Db2 database statistics, including size, objects and stored procedures details, analysis of extracted DDLs, identification of use cases, dependencies, criticality, governance, business processes, HA/DR, backup/restore, QA and SLAs, and requirements of end-state architecture definition.

For a successful integration in the new environment, the team identified upstream and downstream applications and dependencies. This included detailing the complexity of application code, its criticality, challenges and special requirements that needed to be taken into account. This high level analysis was presented to the customer with estimated costs and timelines.

The proposed solution involved migrating one Db2 database initially as a lead test case using mLogica’s Automated Migration Studio (STAR*M). This Machine Learning (ML) driven software identified and remediated any unforeseen translation errors or conflicts. This resulted in an error-free migration and hardening process for the rest of the Customer’s databases and applications. The translation and conversion of database objects, including tables, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, special data types, etc., from Db2 to Oracle 12c was accomplished seamlessly. The mLogica team assisted the Customer with System Integration and Testing and UAT testing, as well as, time bound Application and ETL Remediation tasks during the migration process.

The Benefits

The Company was freed from the resource and capacity constraints of the legacy Db2 environment. With their critical business applications integrated and optimized on the Oracle 12c database platform, the Customer experienced a substantial performance improvement in terms of speed and accessibility, a marked reduction in errors, and with scaling capacity to accommodate ever-increasing database size and system loads.