Global Investment Management Firm - SQL Server Managed Services Support

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: USA

Coverage: Global

The Challenge

The Customer is a global investment management firm. They were facing a number of operational and performance issues with their legacy SQL Server environment and had limited resources to support a complex environment of over 500 databases and replication servers that was error prone and slowing down business user performance. Additionally, documentation was missing; and processes and procedures were not established. mLogica was brought in to help remediate these issues and provide 24*7 operational database support.

The Solution

mLogica’s Managed Services team started with a comprehensive assessment of the existing database environment and prioritized the issues based on severity and impact. Crisis mitigation was given top priority with issues analyzed for root-cause, escalated on-demand, and worked through speedily until resolved to avoid downtime and disruption to mission critical systems. The team also identified that the monitoring agents had not been configured appropriately, resulting in needless repetition and creating a backlog. The mLogica team optimized all the alerts.

Next, our team reviewed all the actions to be taken in case of any issue and began documenting each of those situations. In doing so all actions were tested and optimized; this documentation led to ease of training across the teams, both Customer and mLogica. The team streamlined the process for performance and maintenance, new products/releases and upgrades, security patches, emergency bug fixes, as well as backup and restore services.

Over a period of a couple of months, mLogica streamlined all the processes and developed a Technical Operations Manual (TOM) to document all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This enabled both the Customer and mLogica teams to get acquainted with the environment and processes faster, and be able to take decisions quickly when an issue happened. These SOPs were made available on an Intranet platform, where they could be accessed easily when needed. The Customer was informed that these were all living documents and should be changed as situations and priorities changed.

The Benefits

The biggest advantage noticed by the Customer, was a significant reduction – by almost 60% – in the number of issue-related tickets. They are experiencing much higher performance from their servers. Because the Customer can rely on mLogica Managed Services for its day-to-day, 24*7 operation support, their own team is free to dedicate time for strategic projects and tasks in concurrence with their organization strategy. The online TOM contains all the information to support the environment; any new addition to the support team can be up to speed in a matter of days without management intervention.