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Industry: Technology

Headquarters: TX, USA

Coverage: Global

The Challenge

The Customer is a global conglomerate with more than 5,600 people supporting the group’s affiliate companies. With an equally large and dispersed IT infrastructure, the Customer required on-demand Database Administrator (DBA) support for their Oracle database environment. mLogica was approached to provide an active DBA Oracle support team to rectify issues as they were reported by the Customer and an escalation process to ensure problems were quickly categorized and resolved.

The Solution

mLogica designated a dedicated Oracle DBA support team to provide timely issue resolution whenever the Customer’s database management system (DBMS) began to reach critical thresholds. In order to better understand the nuances of the Customer’s database environment, the team first conducted a thorough assessment of the Customer’s DBMS leveraging TRAK*M – mLogica’s comprehensive database monitoring and performance management solution.

This in-depth analysis provided an overview of the Customer’s existing database environment, enabling a detailed analysis of the different components in use. The mLogica team leveraged TRAK*M’s enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate event identification and ensure every issue went through the escalation process.

With automated monitoring and event notification, the mLogica team actively performed on-demand remediation of issues before they reached critical thresholds in the Customer’s Oracle database environment. Each of the issues was resolved on a priority basis or escalated to a Senior DBA for root-cause analysis and remediation.

The Benefits

The Oracle DBA support team proved successful for implementation of issue resolution in the Customer’s database environment. With a dedicated team support, the Customer was able to resolve issues in their DBMS in a timely and more efficient manner.

By removing recurring issues and providing timely solutions with TRAK*M’s AI and Machine Learning, the Customer realized improved operational efficiencies without diverting internal resources from their primary new development duties. Day-to-day processes were executed without interruption and allowed the Customer’s internal database team to work on system improvements and more strategic IT initiatives. And, the systems did not go down, greatly reducing business risk to the Customer.