Global Bank - Product-based Migration and Managed Services Program

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: Canada

Coverage: Global

The Challenge

The Customer maintains 350+ legacy Sybase/SAP servers to operate several of their mission critical applications. Over the years, as the Customer’s resource allocation to their system has grown, Sybase itself has seen its market share - and consequently, support for their product - decrease rapidly, putting at risk the Customer’s ability to manage their critical Sybase databases.

Given their considerable investment in the legacy architecture, and unwillingness to accept downtime on mission critical applications, the Customer turned to mLogica to provide 24*7*365 support to operate and maintain their existing core banking database and applications.

The Solution

Based on their mandate, mLogica went to work, assigning a dedicated Sybase database architectural team with a 24*7*365 run, maintain and support mandate. The team performed a Best Practices Assessment of the Sybase source environment and developed a product-based migration roadmap with mLogica Database Migration Suite (STAR*M).

Their database support program and performance optimization characteristics included:

  • Database and System Issue Resolutions through the seamless integration of analytic tools, partner technologies and performance management software to:
    • Identify poorly performing SQL queries and stored procedures as well as slow-running queries
    • Recommend fixes and simple rewrites.
  • On-call Performance Tuning Support including the following:
    • Upgades to new products/releases
    • Software roll-ups
    • Security patches
    • Continuous health checks for performance monitoring and prevention of bottlenecks.
  • MTRACK - using mLogica’s issue tracking software to provide:
    • Crisis Mitigation and Management - with a strong emphasis on issue resolution as mitigation strategy

The Benefits

The Customer continues to have every confidence in mLogica’s technical support team, products, management, and monitoring systems and have been extremely pleased with the overall results. The mLogica support team has identified and remediated a number of serious database management issues, leading to improved performance and greater operational efficiency, while lowering maintenance costs.