Department Store Chain - PowerBuilder, EAServer and Java Services

Industry: Department Store Chain (Major Retailer)

Headquarters: PA, USA

Coverage: Northeast USA

The Challenge

The Customer was in the process of porting an Invoice Match Application from SAP PowerBuilder 7 running on Jaguar (predecessor to EAServer), a setup which caused operational roadblocks due to unsupported development environments and operating systems, to PowerBuilder 12 running on EAServer. The application also required our application project team to assist in Java elements, including coding and packaging into JARS. The ultimate goal was to create a fully supported environment to improve operational efficiencies of the Invoice Match Application.

mLogica was brought in by the Customer to execute the port from their legacy environment, and to provide technical support and expert services in the following areas:

  • PowerBuilder 12
  • EAServer configuration
  • Packaging/deployment
  • Implementation support
  • On-Demand troubleshooting
  • Refactoring from PowerBuilder 7 to PowerBuilder 12

The Solution

mLogica assigned an application team, made up of principal consultants, to work on this project. Under the project scope, our team performed the following two major engagements:

  • PowerBuilder refactoring for server components and deployment, as well as, remediation of any issues arising during this process
  • JAVA 1.8 development, packaging into JARS for deployment and issue resolution

Our application team executed these two significant tasks. All the development work was implemented to convert PowerBuilder 7 to PowerBuilder 12. The issues were resolved as they were reported during the conversion process.

Our team finally performed functional testing and compatibility testing to make sure that the Invoice Match Application was supported in the new development environments and operating systems. The testing was successful and the project was completed.

The Benefits

Our application team successfully implemented the PowerBuilder 7 to PowerBuilder 12 conversion. The new environment resulted in decreased latency in the response time of the application and improved functionality across all aspects of the Invoice Match Application.

The overall results of the project were improved interaction for the users and higher productivity for the Customer’s business.