Beverage Manufacturer - SQL Server Performance Analysis

Industry: Food Production

Headquarters: NC, USA

Coverage: Global

The Challenge

The Customer is one of the largest custom coffee manufacturers in all of the Americas with growing operations in teas, tea blending, coffee and natural extracts, botanicals and emerging beverages. Accelerated business expansion created performance issues with their existing manufacturing applications that relied on a complex Microsoft® SQL Server® database environment. The Customer had previously conducted a comprehensive SQL Server performance analysis, but failed to uncover the root causes of the performance issues. mLogica was engaged to perform a more, in-depth analysis and provide best practices recommendations on performance tuning methods to optimize the functionality of the manufacturing applications running on SQL Server.

The Solution

Production loads were always highest during Saturdays and Sundays, but thorough performance testing meant analyzing the Customer’s systems in all load levels. So, mLogica conducted performance testing and analysis over a multi-week period, including weekends, and provided recommendations by:

  • Reviewing SQL Server configurations
  • Running non-intrusive SQL Scripts to collect statistics on server performance
  • Analyzing the statistics

By performing an analysis of the database environment over time, mLogica was able to pinpoint the root causes of performance issues that were negatively impacting the manufacturing applications. The Customer was provided system management recommendations based on mLogica’s best practices to eliminate the root causes and a plan to ensure ongoing, peak performance from the manufacturing application going forward./p>

The Benefits

The comprehensive analysis and report provided a clear picture of all the issues creating conflicts between manufacturing applications and SQL Servers. Identifying the root causes of intermittent performance issues enabled the Customer’s IT Team to define new, higher baseline performance targets and a detailed methodology to monitor and proactively fix potential performance bottlenecks before they impact their business systems.