A Global Entertainment Company - Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Optimization on Amazon Web Services

Company: Entertainment

Headquarters: USA

Coverage: Global

The Customer

The customer is a global premier entertainment company, headquartered in Southern California, and owner of several internationally known and iconic brands.

The Challenge

The Company decided to standardize not only the dev/ops but also all of their mission critical databases and migrate everything to AWS including their Oracle workload. They engaged mLogica to analyze the issues impacting Oracle/E-Business Suite performance, and help pinpoint the problems and root causes of the application slowdown.

By doing an initial high-level analysis, the mLogica team found from the reports that the concurrency issues seemed to be the most pressing problems, and recommended that health checks be performed at two places for the concurrency issues – the database configuration and the EBS application itself, including bugs. The latter seemed to be the most likely source.

The Solution

Consequently, the team carried out an extensive and in-depth diagnosis on the database and the application environment, including reviews of:

  • Architecture layout
  • AWR reports of DB and OS performance
  • Database and OS patch levels
  • Database parameters
  • The optimizer features that were in use against the most recent available and recommended updates

The mLogica team, working closely with the Company’s IT team, produced a number of best practices recommendations, with the key being:

  • Implement Linux HugePages
  • Evaluate recommended database patches for application
  • Review table and index degree values for maximizing parallel processing
  • Evaluate other optimizer features
  • Provide the Company’s IT team with a list of available patches to prevent possible issues

Some of the patchsets, when applied, resolved some of the recurring issues that have caused a major headache to, not only the Company’s IT department, but also the application users. Based on this confidence, the Company formulated a plan to take up the rest of the team’s recommendations and start implementing them.

The Benefits

As the Senior Vice President of Global IT at the Company put it: “the Optimization health check that mLogica conducted with our Company, was very helpful and is a great story to tell as part of our overall AWS migration successes.”

The Company benefited from mLogica’s experienced Oracle Architects who have extensive database optimization experience, and who reviewed both the database and the applications to identify the root causes of the performance issues, provided key recommendations to resolve the issues, established best practices and guidelines to review the environment on a regular basis, underscored the importance of applying various latest patchsets recommended as necessary, redistributed server loads for higher availability, and optimized the Company resource allocation.

The Company’s operations team got a repeatable set of steps that they could use to keep their environment optimized going forward. With a better understanding of their system and its parameters, they are now working towards fully implementing the recommendations.

With mLogica, they feel they have a trusted partner to provide them the necessary support when they need it.