Modernizing your legacy mainframe applications to the cloud

Event Date: March 17 2022

On March 17 mLogica, in association with trusted government IT solutions provider Carahsoft, held a webinar on new tools and technologies that enable secure, automated migration of your mainframe applications and data to the cloud, even for the most complex systems, with minimal disruption to your daily business operations.

Every year the pressure increases to transition your mainframe and mission-critical business applications to a modern cloud platform. From spiraling infrastructure costs to the shortage of personnel trained to support your outdated platforms, the mandate to modernize is increasingly non-negotiable.

Migrating to the cloud reduces your operational risk, saves millions in licensing and support costs, opening virtually unlimited innovation pathways. Join us for this AWS Spotlight Series webinar that will help you learn about secure, automated and budget-friendly ways to transition your mainframe workloads to the cloud.