Stefano Pipponzi

Vice President, Global Delivery, Mainframe Modernization

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Stefano brings thirty-five years’ experience as a delivery manager and technical sales support engineer specializing in legacy mainframe modernization to his role at mLogica. As VP of Global Delivery for Mainframe Modernization, he is responsible for the efficient, precision-delivery of legacy mainframe modernization projects for mLogica.

Stefano served as CFO and business mentor at Reverse Paradigm until 2021, when Reverse Paradigm joined mLogica. He’s also worked in key director roles at Dell, NTT Data and BluePhoenix, gaining comprehensive expertise on legacy platforms such as IBM and Unix, as well as most common relational database management systems (RDBMS), including Oracle and Db2. 

Stefano has his diploma in Computer Science from San Giovanni Evangelista. Self–motivated and committed to enhancing his skill set and widening both his personal and professional horizons, he enjoys exploring a variety of new disciplines and technologies in an international and multicultural company environment.

Stefano lives with his wife and two children in the small village of Coriano in Rimini, Italy.