mLogica names four new independent directors to the company’s board of directors

mLogica names high tech industry and financial executives to their Board of Directors to provide the governance and expertise to expand and accelerate mLogica’s global growth.Henderson, NV - October 29, 2020 - mLogica, a global provider of Cloud Migration and Hyperscale Big Data Software and Services, today announced that the mLogica Board has been expanded to include additional industry executives.


Last week Steve Capelli, Chief Revenue Officer of Blackberry, was unanimously elected to the position of Chairman of the Board. The following Independent Board Members have been inducted to round out the expertise to expand and accelerate mLogica’s global growth:

  • Carl LoBue. Carl is the founder of an international management consulting firm, The LoBue Group, providing business process reengineering and operational efficiency management consulting engagements globally. Their clients include many global banks, BPO firms and healthcare organizations. Prior to creating The LoBue Group, Carl was Senior Vice President of Crocker National Bank and Vice President of Citibank, North America, as Division Head for the National Banking Group. He was Chief Operations Officer of the Edge Act Banking operations throughout the US, head of the corporate lockbox operations, corporate loan operations, and several other operating assignments.
  • Dr. Raj Nathan. Raj currently serves as an advisor to startups focused on analytics and mobile technologies. Dr. Raj Nathan was, previously, the Executive Vice President, General Manager and Corporate Officer at SAP. His most recent responsibility at SAP included the start and growth of new businesses in mobile applications and operational analytics. Prior to his position at SAP, he served as the Executive Vice President at Sybase, responsible for product strategy, product development and corporate marketing. Prior to Sybase, Dr. Nathan was a senior vice president at Siemens Pyramid.
  • Carl Reed. Carl brings more than 30 years of FinTech experience from the Cambridge Semantics team working as a developer, engineer, strategist and enterprise architect. Carl is formerly a Managing Director of Credit Suisse, serving as the head of data architecture and semantic technology. Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Reed worked at Goldman Sachs for 21 years where he served in a number of senior divisional CTO and technology strategy roles, implementing multiple, innovative technology solutions across the firm.
  • Bill Wisialowski. Bill is the CEO and Managing Member of Regulator Group, LLC, an independent sponsor of investments in late stage venture and growth companies. Bill has more than 30 years of investment banking and financial advisory experience in a full range of services, including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, leveraged buyouts, restructurings, and public and private capital raising.

The Board also includes two mLogica, LLC Executives:

  • Amit Okhandiar; Amit is mLogica’s founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • John Avagliano; John is mLogica’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer

“mLogica has built a very solid and capable management team,” said Mr. Capelli. “I am looking forward to working with mLogica management and my new fellow Board members to further expand the Company’s market position and accelerate its growth potential globally.”

“Our Board Members collectively bring 100s of years of experience leading and advising high tech companies on driving revenue growth”, said Amit Okhandiar, President and CEO of mLogica. “We are extremely fortunate to be able to leverage their knowledge and expertise to help mLogica grow to the next level.”

About mLogica

mLogica was founded by professionals from leading technologies organizations, including Sybase, SAP, Oracle, Informix, and IBM. The company specializes in migrating heterogeneous, complex, legacy on premise databases (Mainframe and distributed) to the cloud using automated database and application translation and hardening software (STAR*M), hyperscale (Petabyte+) Big Data Software (CAP*M), and software driven (TRAK*M) full-stack Managed Services programs.

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October 29 2020 | 05:24 PM