mLogica Earns AWS Migration Competency

Tech innovator says collaboration with AWS shows automated cloud migration gaining global momentum

Las Vegas, NV-JULY 08, 2021 - mLogica, a global provider of database, mainframe and application modernization services, with deep experience in the legacy modernization market, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency status. The designation recognizes that mLogica offers proven tools, services, methodologies-as well as years of customer success migrating databases, mainframes and applications to AWS.

Achieving the AWS Migration Competency status differentiates mLogica as an AWS Partner with a track record of success and deep domain expertise in migrating databases, mainframes and applications to the cloud.

Migration to the cloud is increasingly vital for businesses that want to stay competitive, however it requires experienced partners with proven tools and successful, repeatable methodologies to ensure security, accuracy, timeliness and minimal disruption to business. The AWS Partner Network (APN) gives customers looking to migrate to the cloud on AWS access to mature technology products and services for mainframe, application and database migrations with proven solutions and expertise.

“Every business worldwide is on a path to the cloud; that’s how IT will be managed in the future,” says Amit Okhandiar, president and CEO of mLogica. “And while many companies have already migrated their simpler databases and applications, we’re now at the point where business and governmental agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to find staff trained to support their decades-old legacy systems. These workloads are also typically mission-critical and highly complex, with many upstream and downstream applications and interfaces. Modernization and migration to the cloud through automation is the key strategy for success going forward.”

Continues Okhandiar, “The mLogica approach to the modernization and migration of workloads to AWS is through automation, including assessment software, compilers for re-platforming, and translation software for refactoring legacy languages such as COBOL to more modern object-oriented languages such as C++ or Java.”

Okhandiar feels mLogica’s role is vital for cloud migration minus the headaches. “Our exclusive software tools, including our STAR*M automated migration software portfolio for distributed workloads and LIBER*M portfolio for mainframe workloads, are among the best options to securely transition to the cloud cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to your staff and your business.”

AWS enables scalable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud solutions for everyone, from startups to global enterprises, and established its AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners, like mLogica, that have long-term industry expertise to support seamless integration and deployment of these solutions.

mLogica has successfully completed over 600 modernization projects worldwide for customers in key sectors including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and more, in addition to federal and state agencies.

mLogica achieved the AWS Migration Competency designation based on its demonstrated experience and understanding of the business needs of organizations looking to transition to the cloud, as well as the tech firm’s exclusive tools that automate complex code translation, saving customers money by reducing timelines and human error.

About mLogica

mLogica’s mission is to help drive enterprise efficiency through cloud migration. Founded by professionals from leading technology companies, mLogica specializes in migrating complex, legacy on-premise business applications and databases, both mainframe and distributed, to the cloud.

mLogica leverages its automated distributed systems modernization software suite STAR*M, and their mainframe modernization software, LIBER*M, to migrate legacy systems to the cloud. mLogica also modernizes big data applications with their hyperscale petabyte+ big data software CAP*M, and their software-driven TRAK*M managed services programs.

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