Dr. Raj Nathan

Member of the Board

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Dr. Raj Nathan was the executive vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Solutions Division at SAP/Sybase, where he was responsible for strategic oversight of the company’s core database and middleware business. His most recent responsibility at SAP included the start and growth of new businesses in mobile applications and operational analytics.

Now retired from SAP, Dr. Nathan currently serves as an advisor to startups focused on analytics and mobile technologies.

Prior to his working at SAP, he served as executive vice president at Sybase, responsible for product strategy, product development and corporate marketing. Under his leadership Sybase came to be recognized for visionary technology that met the direct needs of customers and partners.

Prior to Sybase, Dr. Nathan was a senior vice president at Siemens Pyramid.

Dr. Nathan’s work experience has taken him around the globe and has run the gamut from hardware to software, design and manufacturing, and from large companies to small including SAP, Unisys, Siemens Pyramid and Sybase. Before entering private industry, Nathan spent many years in academia as an educator. An accomplished author, he penned The New Data Imperative: Managing Real-Time Risk in Capital Markets.

Dr. Nathan holds a PhD and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Madras, India.