Carl LoBue

Member of the Board

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Carl LoBue is Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of The LoBue Group, an international management consulting firm providing integrated business solutions and onsite project management to organizations throughout the world. His career in financial services has spanned over 35 years, across 45 countries around the world. Global projects include a 13-country Pacific Basin Consumer Banking expansion for a major International Bank, the development and execution of a job enrichment program for a securities processing business, the automation of a high-volume item processing environment for a major American bank, the rationalization and redesign of a global bank’s risk asset review process, and the merger integration of the Private and Investment Banking divisions for a major New York-based Bank.

Company turnaround engagements include an overseas vegetable oil manufacturer; a US savings and loan company at which market value improved by 850% from $3.00 to $28.50 per share after all strategies were implemented; and a US-based international transaction processing company. LoBue has also developed rapid-growth, roll-up strategies for private equity firms focused in the dental, professional services, transaction processing and distribution industries.

Carl’s firsthand experience in guiding the LoBue Group through the challenging financial crisis of 2007-09, coupled with his extensive working relationships with banking industry leaders around the globe, have provided him with an experience base in the field of finance that is unique.

Prior to creating the LoBue Group, Carl was senior vice president of Crocker National Bank and vice president of Citibank, North America, where he was division head for Operations, Systems and Marketing for the Capital Intensive Industries sector of the National Banking Group. He was chief operations officer of the Edge Act Banking operations throughout the US, head of the Corporate Lockbox operations, Corporate Loan operations, and several other operating assignments. Staff assignments included COS for the transaction processing division and special assignment to the chairman’s office for a global risk asset review process for global corporate banking.

Carl has also served on the corporate boards of several U.S.-based corporations, including Homestead Savings, California Federal Bank and Peoples Bank of California. At Homestead, he was chairman of the Compensation Committee; at California Federal, he was chairman of the Audit Committee; and at PBOC he served as chairman of the Planning Committee. He also served on the Risk Asset Review Committees at Homestead and California Federal.

Carl is a cum laude graduate of Seton Hall University with a degree in Industrial Management and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. He is a frequent guest lecturer at client seminars and universities, a former chairman of the Business Advisory Council at Loyola Marymount University and a charter member of the CARE Corporate Council.